Hiring in 3D

Hiring in 3D

The competition to find top talent is increasing each and every day.  As you look to 2014, do you have a clear idea what you are looking for in your next hire?  While we all have standard needs in an employee, a new hire’s intangibles are what really allow her to succeed within your organization.

3D As a rule of thumb when hiring a new team member, I look for these 3 “D”s to help me zero in on these intangibles:

  1. Drive to succeed: A candidate with the drive to succeed continues to push when others quit.
  2. Desire to learn and grow: A candidate with the desire to learn and grow continues to find new ways to better herself and improve the company.
  3. Dedication to the team and company: A candidate with dedication to the team and company strives to never let her peers down and always finds ways to make the company better, not simply self-promote.

A candidate can have all the ability and knowledge in the world, but if she lacks the 3 “D”s, she may never quite fulfill her potential and be the hire you truly need.

It’s impossible to make the perfect hire every single time. Some hires may even have only 1 or 2 of the “D”s. But if you make an effort to interview and hire 3D candidates, your team will be more likely to succeed when given an opportunity to shine.

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