Invasion of the Employee Snatchers: Google, Apple, & Samsung are Coming for Your Employees!

Invasion of the Employee Snatchers: Google, Apple, & Samsung are Coming for Your Employees!

Zombie Apocalypse They’re coming for brains, and they’ll eat your company from the inside out to get them.

America’s biggest brands have invaded Austin, and they’re closing in on your company’s brightest minds. Whether or not you know it, you’re in a struggle for talent against the likes of Apple (which is recruiting up to 6,000 Austinites) and Google (which could create a whopping 14,000 jobs in Round Rock).

The growth of Austin’s job market is nothing short of incredible (in fact, the city is in the top two for job growth according to Forbes). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CES program, the city added 6,300 jobs in May alone.

Austin’s multi-family market is also riding this wave of growth. ALN Apartment Data reports these June 2014 stats for Austin:

  • Invasion of the Employee SnatchersOccupancy: 92.6%
  • Units added: 7,061
  • Annual units absorbed: 3,614

The growth isn’t limited to Austin. Across Texas, employers expanded their payrolls by 64,100 jobs in April for a total of 348,000 seasonally adjusted non-farm jobs. Austin’s unemployment rate fell to 3.8% in June, down from 5.5% in March and 6.4% a year ago. Seven of Texas’ 11 major industries experienced positive growth.

With so much competition for the top employees, what are you doing to beat these companies to the punch? Do you have the time and resources to compete in a candidate’s job market? Don’t worry—The Liberty Group does.

With almost 40 years of experience in the multi-family industry, Liberty predicted Austin’s historically low unemployment and aggressively trained new candidates to fill the void. We created an army of highly-qualified reinforcements, ready and waiting to fight for you when Apple, Google, and Samsung come calling.

It’s tough to compete against the big boys. Let The Liberty Group take them on while you focus on what you do best.