Liberty and Star of Hope Work Together To Keep The Homeless Warm

Liberty and Star of Hope Work Together To Keep The Homeless Warm

The FISH teams at The Liberty Group and United Global Solutions are at it again!

soh-group-shot As the weather turned colder, we made a conscious decision to “Be There” for some people who need help and the FISH teams moved into high gear to help Houston’s homeless.  By joining forces they collected over 198 coats and jackets in addition to socks, blankets, towels, clothes and over 1,000 diapers for the Star of Hope’s shelter.

soh-truck “Unfortunately, homeless comes in all sizes”, stated Sheila Mallynn, CFO, who runs the groups FISH program with Carol Henderson, Vice President.  “It took one truck and two cars to carry all of the donations to the Star of Hope shelter, but the smiles were countless.”

“It is exciting to see how engaged these groups become in our charitable projects”, said Ms.Henderson.  “There is always a lively competition going to see which team can donate the most, and the Fishing for Hope contest was no exception.”

Congratulations are in order to the winning team, One Moor Time consisting of Deisi Ramierez, Gary Wood, Kristi Riddle, Lucy Mace, Mary Martin, Matthew Smith, and Nina Patel.  Their efforts resulted in a total of 1,839 points for items donated.

The FISH! Philosophy has become part of The Liberty Group culture. Following these workplace principles helps us stay focused, keep a great attitude, help those around us, and have a lot of fun along the way!

soh-fish-in-a-coat The FISH! philosophy has four main pillars:

  • Be there
  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Choose your attitude

Once a month, we stop to make time to join together for lunch and some good natured fun, which keeps us energized and ready to go back to work helping people build their careers and employers build winning teams.

If you haven’t tried FISH, you don’t know what you’re missing!