How Can You Prepare For Unexpected Interview Questions?

How Can You Prepare For Unexpected Interview Questions?

If you’ve been called for a job interview, chances are you have feelings of both excitement and nervousness. Interviews are often a source of anxiety and tension for some. What’s critical to understand is the key to a positive interview experience is preparation. It’s important to prepare in a way that is both strategic and meaningful, so you don’t let challenging interview questions get in the way of your performance.

Here are three helpful preparation tips and strategies for tackling even the most unexpected interview questions: 


Align your answers with the organization.

Too often candidates answer tough interview questions by focusing solely on themselves– highlighting how their abilities, experience, and strengths make them a good fit for the job. It is important to align your qualifications with the mission of the organization. Interviewers want to see how invested you’ll be not just on the job, but in their culture. For example, if you’re asked why you applied for the job, discuss what attracted you to the mission of the property management company — rather than stating the obvious factors of wanting a salary and job in your field. Answering difficult questions with the organization in mind will help you demonstrate you’re invested in a long-term career with the employer.

Take curveballs in stride.

You most likely will be asked some traditional interview questions, however, be prepared for questions that may seem “off the wall” or completely irrelevant to the job itself. You may be asked a question like “If you could visit any country in the world, what would it be?” To avoid getting flustered, it’s best to take these types of questions in stride and answer them in a way that reflects your personality and viewpoints. In a roundabout way, the interviewer is probably evaluating whether your character aligns with the organization’s values. The more meaningful you are in your answers, the more you will impress the interviewer and showcase yourself as a genuine and honest candidate.

Support your answers with examples when possible.

When faced difficult questions, it may be tempting to provide the shortest, vaguest answers possible. However, it’s in your best interest to answer each question as thoroughly as possible. This is where providing descriptive examples to support your answers can be extremely helpful. Instead of saying you’re reliable, explain to the interviewer how you’re reliable. Did you always show up to previous jobs on time? Did you make yourself available after hours as needed? The more context within your experience you can provide, the more you’ll sell yourself throughout your interview.

Rather than dread your next interview, choose to embrace the process by planning ahead with the strategies above. In many instances, your interviewing success will be determined by your mindset. Never underestimate the power of preparation and positive thinking!

Are you ready for the unexpected?

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