Highlight Your Skills to Land a Job When You Lack Experience

Highlight Your Skills to Land a Job When You Lack Experience

Have you ever come across a job that seems perfect, only to realize you lack the experience listed on the position? While many jobs require years of experience in a certain area, there are many ways in which you can demonstrate your candidacy. The key is to think outside the box and reflect on what makes you qualified, beyond your employment history.

If you find yourself in this predicament, here are some recommended tips for not letting a lack of experience deter you from a job opportunity:    

Identify relevant skills you didn’t realize you had.

Even if you’ve never worked in the field to which you’re applying, you’ve likely acquired some relevant experience working in a different industry. There are many transferable skills that apply to all sorts of jobs, such as technical support, communication, and customer service, among others. What’s important is that you concentrate on the specific skills you’ve developed that could easily be applied to the job at hand. Identifying and highlighting these skills in your resume and cover letter will demonstrate experience that has prepared you for any type of work.

Create your own experience.

Why not create your own experience? If you’re hoping to obtain a particular type of job, consider pursuing education or an internship position (paid or unpaid) that will give you the experience you’re seeking. You can also consider volunteering in environments that will allow you to increase the scope of your qualifications. There are many nonprofit organizations in which you can complete projects and develop skills needed in the workplace. Also, supervisors at volunteer or internship positions can serve as valuable references as you apply to jobs.

Set up informational interviews.

It’s much easier to sell yourself in person than it is on paper, especially if you don’t meet all the job’s experience requirements. You can combat this challenge by setting up informational interviews at companies of interest. This will give you the chance to meet personally with hiring managers and provide them with background information about yourself. The more others get to know you, the easier it will be for them to see beyond a lack of experience and take notice of your other qualities.

Don’t let a lack of experience stand in the way of your future employment. By putting the recommendations above into action, you’ll probably discover that you have more experience to showcase than you initially thought.

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