Four Steps to Take the Night Before a Job Interview

Four Steps to Take the Night Before a Job Interview

Do you remember the jitters you used to feel the night before a big test at school? Well, the night before a job interview can feel eerily similar. The good news is that a certain amount of nervousness can be a good thing – when channeled the right way. How you prepare the night before a job interview can impact your performance and decrease some of the anxiety you may be experiencing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the night before any job interview:

Get your outfit ready.

The simple act of getting your interview outfit ready can save you a significant amount of stress the next morning. Choosing what you’re going to wear may take some time, especially if you don’t interview very often. Laying out your outfit ahead of time will prevent you from having to scramble the next day for the right clothing, as well as give you the opportunity to make sure your outfit is free of stains or wrinkles.

Figure out where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

With so much GPS technology now available, there’s no excuse not to get a clear sense of your interview location ahead of time. Be sure to check any company emails regarding parking, confusing entrances or any other relevant information. Depending on the location of the interview, you’ll want to build in enough time to get there. Whether you’re planning to drive or take an Uber, it’s in your best interest to decide on these arrangements before interview day.

Print out copies of your resume.

Even if you’ve already emailed your resume to the hiring manager, he or she may have misplaced it. It’s a good idea to print a few copies of your resume to bring with you to the interview. Doing this will show initiative on your part, and the hiring manager will appreciate your preparation. Having a hard copy of your resume on hand will also provide you with an outline of your credentials which you can refer to during the interview.

Don’t underestimate how important preparation and research can be for the interview day.

The more you can do to get ready, the more comfortable and confident you will feel going into your interview. Have you researched the company’s website? Have you spent time on all their social media sites to get a better understanding of their company culture? It is very important that you have questions written down to ask the interviewer. The more you seem knowledgeable about the company, its goals, what their vision is and so forth, the more interested the interviewer will be in you as a future employee. Do your research!

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