Three Best Questions To Ask Your First Day On The Job

Three Best Questions To Ask Your First Day On The Job

With so much pressure placed on job interviews, it’s easy to forget the importance of asking questions once you get the job! Starting a new career can undoubtedly be stressful and create a certain level of uneasiness. It’s important to have some questions ready as you prepare for your first day at work and become acclimated to your new surroundings. Check out these three best questions to ask your first day on the job.


What’s the biggest obstacle facing the team today?

Jumping right in with this question demonstrates initiative in preparing for challenges that lie ahead. It will also help you understand how your particular job fits within the scope of your team’s current goals, giving you the opportunity to adapt in the best way possible. Taking an immediate interest in the obstacles your team has to overcome will show you’re ready to start contributing to the organization in a meaningful way.


What is the top priority project that I will be working on? Are there other projects I will work on alongside that priority?

Getting a sense of your top priorities will help you manage your time appropriately and acquire all the information you need for your projects right away. Asking this question also forces your manager to define your role, rather than leave you questioning what tasks you should be completing first. Having this conversation will ensure both you and your boss are on the same page regarding your projects and deadlines.


How often will I be evaluated on my performance?

Even though you’ve just started your job, it’s important to know upfront how your boss approaches performance reviews. This will prevent any surprise evaluations and give you some foresight as to when you’ll be receiving feedback. For example, some managers provide quarterly reviews while others opt for annual reviews. Knowing this timeline will also help you prepare in terms of asking for potential promotions, raises or transfers.


Being proactive about asking the questions above will make your first day on the job much more productive for yourself and your team. By gaining valuable insight before the daily grind of your job sets in, you’ll adjust better to your new workplace surroundings and set yourself up for future success.


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