3 Tips For Improving Your Health And Wellness In The New Year

3 Tips For Improving Your Health And Wellness In The New Year

Professionals in today’s world have busy schedules and often believe they need to engage in strenuous or intense experiences to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, there are many ways to incorporate health and wellness into the workday to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. It’s important to remember that small steps eventually lead to big changes. As the new year begins, you may be putting pressure on yourself to prioritize your health and wellness.


Here are some ways to make wellness activities part of your daily work routine immediately:


Get your steps in each day.

You don’t have to spend an hour at the gym to burn calories and build endurance. Walking frequently throughout the day can be a wonderful form of exercise. During your breaks at work, make a habit of leaving your desk and taking quick walks either in your building or a nearby outdoor space. Health experts say that 10,000 steps per day (approximately 5 miles) is the recommended daily distance for a healthy active person. Many people choose to get their steps in with coworkers during lunch breaks, which can make walking more fun and help to build positive relationships with others in the workplace. In some companies, people even have friendly competitions to see who can get the most steps per day.


Prepare meals ahead of time.

With nutrition being at the core of health, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the quality of your meals. One way to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle is by meal prepping on the weekends. Many professionals find that prepping their lunches ensures they make smart eating choices during the work day, as well as eliminates the stress of having to make lunches in the morning when schedules are tight. By preparing ahead and grocery shopping accordingly, meal prepping each week is a true life-saver for many busy professionals.


Take time off when you’re sick.

Many people refuse to take their paid sick days, often afraid of appearing weak or unmotivated in the eyes of their bosses. This mentality is unfortunate, as you absolutely need to take time off when you’re sick to get your health back on track. Going to work sick only puts you at risk for getting sicker and negatively affects your productivity. Additionally, you’ll spread germs throughout the workplace and make your coworkers sick in the process – something nobody wants!


Taking even just the three steps above can-do wonders for your health and wellness. You’ll quickly find that being proactive about maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ultimately help you succeed in all areas of your life.


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