Are You Using Your Company Culture to Your Advantage During the Hiring Process?

Are You Using Your Company Culture to Your Advantage During the Hiring Process?

With so many jobs to fill and a shortage of qualified workers in the marketplace, the hiring process can prove to be challenging for many employers. Along with a lack of candidates, many companies are struggling to attract top-notch talent to their employment openings. Surprisingly, many studies cite culture as being one of the biggest considerations candidates take into account before accepting a job offer. It’s essential companies take extra steps not only to build a strong workplace culture, but to ensure their hiring process positively reflects that culture to prospective candidates.


Here are some of the keys ways in which you can use your company culture to attract candidates:


Recruitment advertising.

The beauty of advertising is it gives you full power to control your message. You can implement recruitment advertisements in various forms, such as sponsoring events attended by candidates, website ads, and traditional print or broadcast advertising. The messages you communicate to candidates should focus on certain aspects of your company culture, such as values, diversity or professional growth. Projecting the elements of your culture through your strategic advertising will give candidates a greater sense of what to expect at your organization, going beyond the actual job itself.


Start an internship program.

There are several benefits to an internship program, one of the most valuable being the opportunity to expose and acclimate future job candidates to your organization. When executed properly, an internship program can educate candidates about the many perks of being an employer at your organization and give them the “inside scoop” about life at your workplace. Additionally, interns who have a positive experience at your organization will be more likely to apply for full-time jobs and refer others to your employment opportunities.


Incorporate culture into the interview process.

Your interviewing process should exceed typical questioning and incorporate elements of your culture to determine which candidates are truly the best fit for your organization. According to a recent article on, selecting candidates based on cultural fit tends to be the most complex “application of culture” during recruitment. You can do this by immersing candidates in your culture during the selection process. For example, you may ask candidates how they handle unexpected situations. Getting an idea how of a candidate performs under pressure will help you determine their ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment. Questions aimed not just on technical abilities, but also on soft skills, will prove to be helpful in finding cultural fits.


As you can see, there are many reasons why showcasing your company culture can directly improve your recruiting and hiring efforts. Over time, implementing the practices above will transform your employee retention and help you create a more fulfilling workplace culture for everyone.


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