Are Your Job Postings Costing You Top Talent?

Are Your Job Postings Costing You Top Talent?

Would you be inclined to walk into a boutique on the street that has a dull or boring storefront? Probably not. The same concept applies to the hiring process. If your job descriptions don’t effectively sell your company as an appealing place to work, you’re going to lose out on top candidates. One of the best and easiest ways to attract talent to your organization is by improving your job descriptions.


Using these tips will help you create job descriptions that attract highly qualified candidates to your company’s.


Be traditional and specific with job titles.

Though many forward-thinking companies have begun referring to their job titles as “rock stars” or “rainmakers,” these names are nondescript and will prove to be confusing for the average job-seeker. Sticking with traditional job titles will ensure job seekers know what to expect from the posted position and will help them quickly determine if they are qualified for the role. Being specific in your job titles will also help you gain more traction on online job boards and career sites, as your positions will rank higher in Google’s search engine rankings.


Harness eye-catching visuals.

Ideally, your job descriptions should link back to your company’s website, so the job seeker can learn more about your company’s culture. It’s critical your website utilizes visuals to convey your company’s brand and highlights the benefits of being on your team. You can incorporate visuals by using colorful graphics and high-quality videos that communicate your employer brand, your company’s mission and members of your team. Creating a visual experience as part of your recruitment strategy will help capture job seekers’ attention while allowing them to learn more about your employment opportunities.


Use a clear and readable format.

Just as a candidate’s resume should be easy to read, your job descriptions should break up “qualifications” and “responsibilities” into two sections with bullets. Because most candidates are skimming job descriptions they see online, it’s best to use a readable format that clearly states all aspects of the job without being overly detailed. The easier a job description is to read, the easier it will be for a candidate to assess if it’s a good fit for them.


Are your job descriptions failing to attract top talent?

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