How to Assess Candidates for Culture Fit

During the interview process, many hiring managers come across individuals who they believe would make “ideal employees” at their organizations. However, the best candidates should have more than the main qualifications for the job – they must be a solid cultural fit as well. Assessing culture fit is much easier said than done. To truly […]

The Best Snacks for a Busy Property Manager

As a property manager, you’re probably used to being pulled in multiple directions by employees, residents and contractors. To maintain optimal productivity, it’s important you stay fueled and energized on the job – even during the most chaotic times! Making a habit of healthy snacking throughout the day can do wonders for your physical and […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder! How to Get More Done in a Day

With tightening schedules and increased demands on the job, almost every professional wants to get more done in a day. Despite what most people think, productivity is really about working smarter, rather than harder. Changing the way in which you look at your schedule of tasks can help you better prioritize and manage your time […]