Aiming for a Job in the Apartment Industry? Make Sure You Can Answer These Three Questions!

Aiming for a Job in the Apartment Industry? Make Sure You Can Answer These Three Questions!

If you’ve determined you’d like a job in the apartment industry, you’ve probably done some research and investigation on your own about the field. However, while you may feel ready for the road that lies ahead, there are many things you must be aware of when it comes to applying for property management positions. To get started in the field, you must harness your past employment and existing skills to create a path for long-term career success. This means being able to articulate to interviewers what transferable skills and abilities you bring to the table.


As you gear up for interviews, here are three questions you should be prepared to answer as you transition into the apartment industry:



What is your understanding of building maintenance?

While you may not be expected to physically conduct property maintenance on your own, you should at least have a foundational understanding of what’s involved in the process. Properties of all types and sizes experience issues that property managers must address on a regular basis. To start, you should have a little experience working with contractors and other skilled professionals on building repairs, so you know how to hire the right people and verify the work is completed properly. Along these lines, you should also have some basic knowledge about property inspections and be able to identify maintenance needs to ensure the safety and well-being of your residents.


What is your finance and accounting knowledge?

It may not seem obvious on the surface, but property management professionals are required to keep track of their property’s finances, especially pertaining to financial calculations and cash flow. You’ll be expected to keep tabs on monthly rental payments, as well as expenses related to property maintenance and repairs. During interviews, highlight experience you have with handling financial transactions, as well as any accounting software you’ve used in previous jobs.


Do you enjoy working with people?

Without question, one of the most critical traits of a successful property manager is customer service. You must be able to demonstrate that you’re personable and can work well with people, even in challenging situations. Because you’ll be dealing with resident inquiries and complaints on a regular basis, you must also be patient when addressing their concerns. Strong customer service is also important for building positive, long-lasting relationships with contractors.


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