How to Assess Candidates for Culture Fit

How to Assess Candidates for Culture Fit

During the interview process, many hiring managers come across individuals who they believe would make “ideal employees” at their organizations. However, the best candidates should have more than the main qualifications for the job – they must be a solid cultural fit as well. Assessing culture fit is much easier said than done. To truly gauge if a candidate is a fit for your culture – before making an offer – here are some interview practices you can use:


Find out what makes the candidate tick.

While a candidate’s skills and abilities are certainly paramount, it’s equally important to get a sense of the candidate as a “whole person.” Asking a candidate about their values will allow you to see how their individual mindset and work approach would align with your organization’s mission and overall environment. A candidate who looks beyond their paycheck and strives to be a team player is likely someone who will be a good cultural fit.


Ask about collaboration experience.

Candidates with experience working closely with others will often have an easier transition into a collaborative culture. During interviews, ask candidates about their former employment and how they’ve worked with co-workers in the past to meet common goals. Consider asking them to provide examples of times in which they’ve collaborated to solve problems or issues. Candidates’ attitudes and sentiments toward this topic can be very indicative of how they’ll fare in your workplace culture.


Learn about candidates’ career goals.

Candidates who adapt best to new cultural settings are generally those with a drive and ambition to succeed. It’s critical you learn about your candidates’ career goals and interest in advancing themselves professionally within your organization. Candidates who have taken the time to research your company and envision the impact they can make on your team will have the most potential to excel within your culture.


Assessing candidates for culture fit can play a key role in avoiding huge hiring mistakes! Implementing the practices above will allow your HR team to make hiring decisions that take your entire organization into account, rather than simply filling jobs.


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