Warning Signs Your Onsite Team May Be Suffering from Burnout

Warning Signs Your Onsite Team May Be Suffering from Burnout

While employee burnout often happens gradually, it can have drastically negative effects on your organization. Being proactive in reducing burnout in your workplace is critical for the successful functioning of your team on all levels. To begin reversing its negative effects, you must first identify warning signs of burnout in employees. Here are some of the most common signs of burnout workers exhibit on the job and how to address them.


Growing Negativity and Cynicism

Has morale in your workplace been taking a downward spiral lately? If employees seem to constantly be exuding negativity and cynicism on the job, this could be the result of extreme exhaustion and fatigue. When employees are tired, they’re most likely to become irritable and cause conflict with co-workers. Feelings of negativity can also be the result of feeling undervalued and underappreciated by managers. Getting to the root of employees’ underlying depression, anger and sadness is essential for improving your culture and addressing unresolved workplace issues.


Frequent Mistakes

While’s it’s completely normal for employees to trip up from time to time, numerous mistakes on the job can easily indicate a burnout problem. If your employees are finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks and are constantly making mistakes, there’s a good chance fatigue and stress are to blame. The more frequent employees’ mistakes become, the more likely they will be to have a negative effect on your productivity and bottom line. To combat this issue, you’ll want to do some investigation about what causes your employees to experience stress at work. You can then take steps to identify ways to alleviate these triggers, which will, in turn, reduce feelings of burnout and improve performance.


Increasing Amount of Sick Days

Does it seem like more than half of your employees are taking sick time all at once? This is a clear sign burnout is pervading your workplace. When employees are overworked at their jobs, they become depleted of all their energy and both their mental and physical health suffer. Creating a workplace that fosters work-life balance is one the most impactful ways you can help employees maintain optimal health and well-being. This means setting realistic expectations for your team and establishing a routine in which everyone can thrive.


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