Trick Or Treat: How to Know If a Job Isn’t for You

Trick Or Treat: How to Know If a Job Isn’t for You

As you look for a new job, you might be anxious to jump at any opportunity that comes your way. However, taking this approach can result in taking a job that’s not aligned with your skills, knowledge or long-term professional goals. Being able to identify which types of jobs are a fit for you is an important component for career success. Here are some factors to consider when assessing whether a job is the right fit:


Career path trajectory

Many candidates seek positions that not only offer a job, but a viable, long-term career path. Jobs that seem like dead-ends will prove to be detrimental to your career growth, as they’ll prevent you from advancing your skills and knowledge in the most beneficial way. When evaluating job opportunities, look closely at the type of professional development options offered by the company. What tools and guidance do they provide to their employees? What is the on-the-job training like? Will you have mentors to help you along the way? Making a point to ask these questions during interviews will help you understand what type of growth trajectory you can expect at the company beyond the job itself.


Type of culture

You’ll be spending at least 8-10 hours a day at your job, so it’s important you like the overall work environment. Assessing employers for their company culture is an integral part of determining job fit. Is the culture open and welcoming? Do employees collaborate and work together? Or, does the organization feel more sterile and closed off? You can learn about a company’s culture by checking out its website and social media channels, as well as making your own observations at your interview. There’s also nothing wrong with asking employees at the company about what they think of the culture. Getting the opinions of people who actually work at the organization is one of the best ways to get the “inside scoop” and picture how well you will fit in on the team.


Daily tasks and responsibilities

It’s normal for most jobs to require some “other duties as assigned.” However, if the bulk of duties listed in the job description don’t reflect the type of job you envision for yourself, it’s safe to say the position probably isn’t for you. During your interview, inquire about the day-to-day nature of the job so you understand what the majority of your work will consist of. While it’s important to be open-minded, you want to avoid entering into a position that’s completely disconnected to your intended role.


Considering the factors above will help you pursue the types of positions that are most suitable for you as a professional. Most importantly, you’ll find employment you enjoy in many aspects – financially, culturally and socially.


If you’re unhappy in your current position, it’s time to explore new opportunities!

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