All Great Leaders Have These Three Essential Traits

All Great Leaders Have These Three Essential Traits

Have you ever thought great leaders are simply born that way? Though it may come more naturally for some, leadership is fortunately a skill that can be developed in anybody who has the desire and drive to excel. With the right mindset and tools, you can acquire the traits needed to succeed as a leader of your organization and help others reach their greatest potential. The key is to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what steps need to be taken to improve your leadership abilities from the ground up.


Here are three top essential leadership traits and how you can develop them:


Clarity and vision

Possessing a clear understanding of what you’re hoping to accomplish in the workplace is one of the most critical traits for leaders of today. Without a vision for your goals, it’s impossible to take meaningful action within your organization. You can develop clarity and vision by writing down your key goals and objectives and sharing them with your team. This allows for everybody to share an understanding of what needs to be accomplished, and most importantly, why. Employees who know the importance of your organizational goals will ultimately be more motivated to achieve at greater heights and work together for the greater benefit of your mission.



True leaders aren’t just skilled in the technical aspects of their roles, they have the courage to take calculated risks for the best interest of their organizations. Having courage means being able to assess different circumstances and determine the best course of action for challenges that arise with your workplace culture and bottom line. You can build courage by putting circumstances into perspective and analyzing the pros and cons associated with each decision made. The more you can take an approach of “calculated risk,” the more success you’ll have in transforming your organization in the long run.


Passion and drive

Without a sense of true passion and drive for what you do, it’s very difficult to lead and inspire others to greatness. Discovering your strengths and capitalizing on your own drive to succeed will ultimately motivate others to excel within their individual roles. You can further develop your passion by making a commitment to continual learning, growth and development. As you focus on improving yourself as a leader, the more drive you’ll have in every aspect of your career – from hiring new employees and managing staff to making high-level decisions.


The traits above are integral to being a leader who makes an impact on others in the workplace, and ultimately, improving the trajectory of your organization. The more you can focus on developing these traits, the sooner you’ll notice a difference in your employees and culture at large.


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