Three Outdated Business Development Tactics to Leave Behind

Three Outdated Business Development Tactics to Leave Behind

With the end of the year quickly approaching, there’s never been a better time to reassess your business development practices and explore other more effective strategies for attracting new clients or customers. Learning how to add value to your target audience is key to implementing the best business development tactics and getting the best results. As you plan for the new year, here are three outdated business development tactics to leave behind:


Sales-driven promotional content.

Back in the day, pushing out purely sales-driven content may have been enough to get the attention of new customers or clients. Today, most people can see right through this type of marketing, often perceiving it as being cheap, overly forceful or cheesy. When developing marketing for your business, it’s important to write content that connects with your audience in an authentic way. For example, if you have a blog for your manufacturing company, avoid writing only about the products you manufacture, and instead explore other topics that may be of human interest. For instance, you may cover topics like sustainability, workforce development or industry trends. Writing content that’s informative and engaging – rather than salesy or promotional – will resonate with readers and ultimately attract them to your products or services.


Failing to acquire feedback.

When it comes to improving your marketing, your current customers’ feedback is perhaps your biggest asset. If you aren’t doing so already, set up a survey program in which you can readily acquire feedback from your customers about your marketing efforts and how they’re being perceived. Doing this form of market research will allow you to identify which areas of your business development need improvement, as well as what’s already being done effectively. Survey programs can be facilitated by phone, mail or email; you’ll want to consider which method is best for your organization.


Nonstrategic rebranding.

Though the idea of rebranding may seem exciting, many long-standing organizations struggle to rebrand in a way that’s consistent with their mission and messaging. If you pursue any rebranding, it’s critical to have a strategy in place that clearly communicates your vision and maintains a strong presence among your stakeholders. Whether it’s changing your logo or changing the entire identity of your organization, make sure every move is consistent with your core values.


No matter how well your organization may be doing, it’s critical to revisit your business development practices each year and determine what can be done better. As you move forward into 2019, ditching old practices that have proven ineffective is one of the best decisions you can make!


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