How to Get and Stay Organized in 2019

How to Get and Stay Organized in 2019

Every year you may have the intention to “organize” your life and get things on track. However, organizing both your personal life and your work life can be challenging. Few people master the art of organization, but if you do, you’ll improve your quality of life dramatically! Here are some top tips for getting organized – and stay organized in the new year:


Make a plan.  

Above all, the best organization comes from planning ahead. Identifying areas of your life that need organizing is the first step to the planning process. Think about the parts of your daily routine in which you struggle to maintain a healthy balance. For instance, are you always getting take-out for dinner because you have no time to cook? Are you constantly running late in the mornings? Do you find yourself working late all the time? Knowing what parts of your routine cause you the most stress will help you take meaningful action.


Automate and schedule whenever possible.

Using your mental energy for remembering every little thing you need to get done is a waste of time! There’s a lot of value to automating simple tasks, such as laundry or meal prepping. Putting these chores in your calendar on a weekly basis will help you stay on track and keep you programmed to perform even your most simple tasks in an allotted timeframe. Most importantly, automation gives you more mental bandwidth to focus on the things in your life that require more of your energy – such as a big project at work or home renovation.


Set your intentions.

The key to organization is not to become robotic in your daily tasks, but to make it easier for you to enjoy your life. Setting an intention for everything on your to-do list will help you assign more purpose to your daily activities and remember your goals for being organized in the first place. For example, is your intention to live a life with more freedom? Do you want more time with your family and friends? Keeping your intentions in mind will give you the motivation to stay organized, even when it’s most difficult!


You may be surprised at just how much organization can change your life for the better. Using the tips above will ultimately help you have a year filled with more happiness – and less stress!


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