How Small Workplace Communication Improvements Can Deliver Big Results!

How Small Workplace Communication Improvements Can Deliver Big Results!

Has your team been slacking lately? Keeping employees engaged and motivated can be an ongoing struggle for many companies. However, internal communication can play a big role in your employees’ performance, productivity and happiness. You may be surprised that even the smallest communication changes in the workplace can deliver big results for your organization’s culture and bottom line. Here are some small, yet effective internal communications practices to incorporate in your leadership approach:


Ask for feedback.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what employees truly want from you as an employer. Starting a dialogue with your employees is the first step to improving your internal communication and making sure your team has the opportunity to provide their own feedback. Often employees may reveal an area of improvement your leadership team has never considered. You can then use this valuable feedback to make adjustments in your communication strategy.


Showcase your company’s mission and vision.

Remember, your employees are essentially your company’s ambassadors. Their ability to articulate your mission and vision with clients or customers is instrumental for showcasing to others what your company is truly about. When your leaders consistently communicate your company’s goals and vision, they’ll inspire your employees to become focused on your greater good – rather than just their individual jobs. This is one of the best ways to further engage employees, as they’ll better understand how their roles contribute to your overarching mission.


Promote openness and sharing of ideas. 

Closing off employees from the decision-making process is one of the worst offenders of poor internal communication. Making regular communication a habit among all members of your team will allow for fluid exchange of information, allowing your employees to contribute their thoughts and ideas without judgment. You can create a culture of openness through weekly conference calls and monthly online newsletters, in which you share the latest updates about your company. The more transparent and forthcoming you are with your team, the better your organization will function as a whole.


As you can see, there’s a lot of value in investing in your internal communication strategy. Even using just one of the strategies above can be a catalyst for further growth, motivation and innovation among your team.


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