Improving Employees’ Health Can Improve Productivity … Here’s How!

Improving Employees’ Health Can Improve Productivity … Here’s How!

Think health and wellness isn’t that critical when it comes to business success? Think again. Many employers unfortunately underestimate the importance of investing in the health of their employees. This can have devastating effects on many organizations, often resulting in low levels of employee retention and a poor culture. Employers that recognize the connection between health and success will improve their organization in many ways – culturally and financially. Here are two key reasons why:

Improved productivity

When it comes down to it, healthy employees are productive employees. Employees who feel their best physically and mentally will have the energy and motivation to perform at their optimal abilities. Furthermore, a healthy workforce results in less absenteeism. According to a survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, noted by Entrepreneur, employers offering wellness plans experienced a significant decrease in absenteeism, with more than half reporting increased productivity among their employees. This, among many other surveys, further reveals the importance of company wellness programs in helping employees remain engaged, contributing members of the workplace.


Better recruitment and retention outcomes

When you make your employees’ health a priority, it won’t take long for the word to get out! Employees who feel valued by their employers will be more inclined to share their positive experiences at work with family and friends, many of whom may choose to pursue employment at your organization. Building a culture of workplace wellness will ultimately help you attract more candidates to your job openings, allowing you to build a stronger talent pool. Additionally, when employees feel valued, they will be more likely to grow their careers at your organization – reducing costs associated with employee turnover, such as training and development expenses.


Investing in your employees’ health can have numerous benefits on your workforce and organization’s success. Incorporating health and wellness programs into your culture is one of the essential building blocks to retaining your best workers while growing your team.


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