How to Find Top Talent With Low Unemployment

How to Find Top Talent With Low Unemployment

If your hiring team is spinning its wheels trying to attract talent, it’s time to rethink your hiring strategy. With unemployment levels across the U.S. at an all-time low, there’s no denying that it’s become harder than ever for employers to find top candidates. However, taking steps to revamp your recruitment approach can prove to be transformative in improving hiring outcomes. Here are three effective practices to consider incorporating in your recruitment strategy:

Avoid the quick fix.

With a limited talent pool, your HR team may be more tempted to hire whomever walks through your door. However, failing to be careful about your hiring decisions can result in poor placements and lead to greater business costs due to employee turnover. If filling full-time positions isn’t working out, consider how temporary workers can fill labor voids in the meantime. Though it may not be the ideal option for the long run, temps can play a key role in meeting your organization’s demands when vacancies arise.


Target the underemployed market.

Just because many individuals are employed doesn’t mean they’re working in jobs with competitive pay. Consider an individual who went to trade school but is currently working as a bartender or barista. Chances are this person would welcome a job that’s more aligned with their technical background and expertise. Most importantly, these individuals have proven they’re reliable workers with a proven track record in the workplace. Individuals who are currently employed in lower paying jobs can be a great market for employers looking to attract hardworking individuals.


Invest in relationship building.  

As you look to grow your team, it’s never been more important to invest in relationships both internally and externally. First, think about how you can better foster relationships with your current employees, so they not only stay at your organization, but become ambassadors for you. The more you can connect and engage with your team, the more they’ll promote your mission and share job openings with their family and friends. Second, relationships with your external environment are also key. Engaging in community relations, such as companywide volunteer initiatives, allows you to showcase your employer brand to the public at large and educate potential candidates about your culture and values.


Even in a tough market, finding talented candidates is not impossible if you take the right approach. By being more strategic, you’ll discover a broader range of highly qualified candidates in your industry over time.


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