RapidHIRE Payroll Service – Hire Today!

RapidHIRE Payroll Service – Hire Today!

Did you ever need to hire a candidate but the timing didn’t correspond with your budget? Did you ever need a candidate to start yesterday?


The Liberty Group provides a service that speeds up the hiring process of a desired candidate so you can immediately obtain your valuable new hire with little to no wait time. The RapidHire payrolling service can allow your candidate to start work within 24 hours.


Our exclusive payrolling services covers everything within the hiring process from start to finish, and even handles HR related issues.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.


Step 1.

You’ve interviewed a qualified candidate. What if you could hire them today?


Step 2.

Provide candidate information to us and we’ll get them applied in less than 24 hours. No buy-out fees or minimum hours. We can payroll candidates quickly.



Step 3.

If you are satisfied with the candidate, we’ll transfer them to your payroll.


How to Get Started


Call one of our representatives toll free at 855-961-7666 to simply give us the candidate’s information so we can contact them and get started. The candidate can then apply online in minutes. We will then perform a background check and will immediately notify you once they are approved according to your guidelines. If they aren’t, then we will take care of that. They can start today!


The candidate uploads their signed time sheet to our website every week and are paid weekly. This is also beneficial to the candidate while they are waiting to become a full-time employee. We take care of all of the taxes, insurance and risks.


When you are sure they are the right fit and your paperwork is complete, simply call us and you can transfer them to your payroll with no additional fees.


Program Benefits


Liabilities & Unemployment Protection

Should you have to part ways with the employee, we will handle the phone call and take care of the paperwork and all liabilities, saving you thousands of dollars and headaches.


Candidate Tryout

So many times the new employee isn’t as qualified, doesn’t have a good attitude, bad work ethics, or just turns out to be a bad hire. Don’t you wish you could have given the new candidate a trial period first?


No Buy-Out Fees or Minimum Hours

We can’t be the best payroll-on-boarding program and charge you fees. We can payroll them as short as 24 hours with no minimum hours.


Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of employees can I payroll using the RapidHireTM services?

Any employee that you need to hire immediately.


Does The Liberty Group perform background checks?

Yes we do. We perform a comprehensive background screening, E-Verify to confirm eligibility, a reference check and drug screening (upon request).


After choosing a candidate, what is the waiting period to avoid a buyout fee?

The moment you find the right candidate, you can hire right away with no additional fees or delays.

Looking to grow your team?

The Liberty Group connects deserving candidates with exciting opportunities in the multifamily industry. Contact us today for more information!