Is It Too Soon To Leave A Job You Don’t Like?

Is It Too Soon To Leave A Job You Don’t Like?

If you feel your bad days at work just don’t seem to end, you’re probably tempted to start actively looking for a new job. Feelings of anger or deflation can quickly build up, leaving you resentful and anxious to quit. However, before you throw in the towel, you owe it to yourself – and your employer – to do everything in your power to turn around a negative situation. Here are some tips for determining if it’s truly time to start looing for a new job.


You’ve spoken with your boss and nothing has changed.

If you’ve made multiple attempts to speak with your boss about your concerns, and nothing has changed, it’s safe to say nothing will change in the future. When dealing with any type of negative situation that’s affecting you or your job performance, you should always make your boss aware of the issue and ask for their help in having it rectified. A boss who’s dismissive or doesn’t take any action to address your concerns isn’t a boss you want to work for, anyways!


Your work environment is toxic.

Unfortunately, a toxic work environment can come in many forms, like disrespectful coworkers, unethical behavior, and poor communication practices. If any of these factors exist in your workplace to the extreme, it’s time to consider looking for a job with a positive culture. After all, if everything around you is negative, it will affect your mood, job performance and, ultimately, your quality of life. Furthermore, a toxic work environment will sadly be out of your control for the most part. Chances are, you won’t be able to change the way your company is managed, nor will you be able to change other people. In this circumstance, it’s likely time to move on to greener pastures.


You have no work-life balance.

Every job has heavy demands from time to time, but if you’ve completely lost any sense of work-life balance, this is a huge red flag. If your boss makes no effort to set more realistic expectations for your performance and workload, it’s fair to say things will only keep going downhill. Over time, feeling burned out will have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health, as well as your career. Before things get completely out of hand, it’s best to cut your losses and start looking for an employer that will allow you to better balance your work with your personal life.


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