How to Quickly Find Employees for Your Apartment Staff

How to Quickly Find Employees for Your Apartment Staff

“I accepted an offer elsewhere.” These are the words no manager ever wants to hear from a high-performing employee! If you feel as though retaining your best team members is one of your biggest challenges, you aren’t alone. Losing employees can be one of the worst things for any organization, let alone a property management company that runs with the help of several departments. However, with the right tools in place, there’s no need to panic when employees leave unexpectedly. Before you start scrambling to fill your next position, take note of these three key recruitment practices that can help you navigate this situation with ease and efficiency:

Execute a robust social media strategy.

With the majority of jobseekers active on social media, there’s no better place to find top talent – and fast! Posting your job opportunities on a variety of social media sites – especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – will maximize your reach to potential candidates. This is because social media channels allow for fluid sharing of posts so individuals who follow your company’s page will see your postings and share them to their networks. As you post your openings, be sure to include relevant hashtags, such as “#OhioJobs” and “PropertyManagementJob” so individuals seeking these types of jobs will find your postings through trending hashtags. Leveraging social media platforms is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get traction on your job postings and expand your candidate reach.

 Activate your current employees.

Because your current employees are your biggest ambassadors, using them to spread the word about employment opportunities can be very impactful. To motivate your employees to share job openings with their family and friends, consider offering certain incentives (such as a bonus or day off if one of their contacts get hired at your company). Often employees want to help others close to them get a new job – you may be surprised at how much value your staff can add to your recruitment efforts.

Partner with a specialized staffing firm.

Working with a specialized staffing firm (one that recruits specifically for the apartment industry) can be a game-changer when it comes to filling short-term and long-term staffing needs. As you develop a relationship with a staffing partner, you’ll be able to rely on recruiters to proactively find top talent and fill your staffing needs with temporary, seasonal or permanent workers. The sooner you get acclimated with a trusted staffing firm, the less burdensome the recruitment process will be for your internal hiring team.

Finding employees quickly doesn’t have to be difficult with the right approach. Being prepared with the strategies above will allow you to fulfill your workforce needs even during the most challenging situations.

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