Should I Hire a Recent Graduate?

Should I Hire a Recent Graduate?

Does finding top talent feel like an uphill battle? As it becomes increasingly difficult to find top-of-the-line prospects, your hiring team may be overlooking one big portion of the candidate population – recent graduates. While recent graduates are generally new to the workforce – and often lack employment experience – there’s an underrated value to bringing them on your team.

As you look to fill your openings, here are a few reasons to consider hiring recent graduates:

Temporary-to-permanent placement

If you have several temporary positions to fill, there’s a great value in filling those positions with recent graduates. Temporary jobs essentially serve as a “test run” for you, as the employer, to gauge an employee’s performance and determine if they’d be a fit for a permanent position. Recent grads tend to be great hires for temp jobs, as they are often eager to learn on the job and eventually secure a permanent position at your company. As an employer, you’ll have a chance to witness how well these “greener” hires navigate your workplace before making a long-term investment in them as a full-time employee!

Technology expertise

Because younger candidates have grown up with all types of technology, they are highly acclimated to new tech platforms – allowing them to quickly navigate common workplace technology, such as a sales management system or video conferencing tools. Recent graduates will likely need less on-the-job tech training and may even be able to train some of your older staff! Furthermore, employing recent graduates will give your team a fresh perspective on the best forms of technology for your organization’s goals and initiatives. For example, if you’ve been using an antiquated scheduling system, a recent grad may be able to recommend a new program that could improve your business’s productivity and business outcomes.

Growth potential

If your company is truly invested in its people, hiring recent graduates is the best way to grow your team and achieve positive long-term employee retention. This is because many younger employees have the potential to advance at your organization for years to come, climbing the ladder to various leadership positions. Often younger employees are most driven to apply their newly acquired skills and education in an environment that’s committed to their professional growth. Additionally, by offering recent graduates ongoing training and development, you’ll motivate them to learn and perform their best on the job.

Recent graduates have a vast degree of knowledge to offer. Giving them a chance to contribute their ideas and insights to your workplace can transform your organization for the better, as well as improve your hiring and retention outcomes.

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