How to Practice Employee Appreciation

How to Practice Employee Appreciation

To build a successful team, most leaders know that culture and employee recognition are closely tied together. However, if you’re like many managers, you probably have the best intentions to show your employees how much you appreciate them – you just don’t have a structure in place to do so. Making a sustained effort to truly recognize your employees requires more than meets the eye. In most cases, the key to any successful employee recognition program is consistency. As you evaluate your organization’s initiatives in this area, here are some of the best employee appreciation practices to consider:

Implement daily recognition.

Why save recognition for performance reviews? Making a habit of regularly recognizing your employees’ small and large accomplishments every day will enhance morale among your team and demonstrate to your employees that their actions matter. You can celebrate “daily wins” in many ways, such as posting internal updates to a company portal or making announcements at weekly or monthly company-wide meetings. In addition to recognizing achievements, celebrating your employees’ personal milestones (such as birthdays, marriages, new babies and work anniversaries) is a great way to build morale.

Embrace peer recognition.

While employees always enjoy being recognized by their superiors, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of peer recognition. You can embrace the concept of “peer-to-peer” recognition by implementing online programs and tools that make it easy for your employees to encourage and recognize each other. Getting every member of your team invested in the recognition process can result in increased employee engagement, healthier co-working relationships and a better sense of connection throughout your company.

Plan an annual “employee recognition day.”

While smaller recognition initiatives are always impactful, planning a yearly “employee recognition day” can be a great way to elevate your company’s culture and connect your team on a greater level – not to mention give them a fun celebration to enjoy together! Whether you plan a picnic or themed party, or make it something more formal, dedicating a day strictly focused on employee recognition will show your staff how much you care about celebrating them and their accomplishments. The best part about this type of initiative is the sky’s the limit in terms of how you want to structure the event. Many organizations use this as an opportunity to plan a fun-filled day of food, awards and team-building activities for their employees to encourage comradery and teambuilding.

A core part of a successful culture starts with your ability to unify your employees and make sure they feel valued for their work. With the practices above, you can execute an employee recognition program that benefits every part of your organization from the ground up.

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