Proper Interview Etiquette Tips

Proper Interview Etiquette Tips

Do you find yourself landing interviews, but never getting a callback? Believe it or not, your etiquette (or lack thereof) may be to blame. In addition to your qualifications, interviews give employers a chance to assess candidates in every way – from their communication skills and demeanor to their level of professionalism. Even if you’re a rock star candidate, demonstrating proper etiquette during interviews will always be essential.  

Check out these important etiquette tips to keep in mind for your next interview:   

Prepare ahead of time.  

Preparing for an interview doesn’t just involve researching the company and being ready to discuss your credentials. It means making sure you show up on time, bringing a copy of your resume and dressing in appropriate work attire. There’s nothing worse than arriving late to an interview because you didn’t build in enough travel time or because you were scrambling to find something professional to wear. Making these arrangements in the days leading up to your interview will ensure you plan accordingly, not to mention relieve stress and anxiety!   

Demonstrate active listening.  

While a significant part of any interview will involve you speaking about yourself, a core piece of etiquette to apply in an interview situation is to show you’re actively listening. There’s perhaps nothing more off-putting to an interviewer than when a candidate constantly interrupts, or worse yet, appears to be staring off into space. What many people don’t realize is that active listening requires more than simply hearing what the interviewer has to say – it involves demonstrating positive verbal and nonverbal communication (body language) and exhibiting a genuine interest in the conversation.  

Ask questions when appropriate 

Along with listening, asking meaningful questions of the interviewer is just as important. Questions show that you’re interested in the company and engaged in the discussion with the interviewer. Before your interview, prepare a couple of questions that will allow you to express interest in a certain facet of the company – such as workplace culture, professional development offerings or mentorship programs. This shows that you’ve been actively engaged in the conversation, as well as indicates that you value the opportunity to be considered for the position.   


How you conduct yourself during a job interview will not only affect its outcome but your reputation as a professional in your industry. No matter how big or small an interview may seem, it’s critical to always put your best foot forward and present yourself in the best light possible. 

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