Three Signs Your Team is Overworked

Three Signs Your Team is Overworked

Does it seem like lately your employees are always miserable leaving you fearful they’re seeking other jobs? Employees who feel overworked and undervalued are often the first ones to quit. Unfortunately, burnout in the workplace isn’t always easily detected as it can happen gradually over time. In your efforts to prevent burnout and improve staff retention, it’s important to train your managers on how to spot signs your team may be overworked.  

As you refine your retention strategy, here are three of the most common signs of employee burnout to be aware of: 

Poor work performance  

If you find your team’s performance taking a downward spiral, this is a clear sign that something is amiss. Overworked employees tend to run late to work, miss deadlines and cut corners when finishing tasks. These employees are both mentally and physically drained, leading to unproductivity, poor focus and disengagement from their day-to-day tasks. In addition to your bottom line taking a turn for the worse, burned-out workers are likely to quit unexpectedly, have increased absenteeism and fail to fulfill their responsibilities.   


Employees who feel overburdened in the workplace will naturally show a lack of engagement and disinterest in being part of the company culture. If you discover your employees becoming distant and less social with their teammates, this could be a sign they’ve mentally checked out and are simply going through the motions of their jobs. While a disengaged employee is not always an indicator of being overworked, this can directly lead to burnout in which the employee becomes completely disconnected from the workplace environment.  

Low morale  

Overworked, disgruntled employees are the perfect recipe for a culture that breeds low morale. Does it seem like tension has taken over your workplace? Are your employees constantly lashing out at one another? Is there rampant gossiping and passive-aggressive behavior? One of the trademark signs that your employees are overworked is a contentious environment. If you notice toxicity pervading your workplace, it’s time to step in and rectify what’s causing employees to act out.  

 Catch Burnout Faster

While it’s always ideal to prevent burnout before it happens, paying attention to the signs above will help you recognize when your team is overworked so you can effectively address negative situations before they become worse. As you make positive changes to the workplace, remember to continue putting employee retention practices at the forefront of your culture.   

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