Best Practices for Property Managers

Best Practices for Property Managers

Are you a property manager hoping to grow in the field? The best property managers are committed to advancing themselves and their properties in the most ethical, effective and efficient ways. If you hope to improve the trajectory of your career, you must invest in professional development, as well as demonstrate a willingness to reverse old habits for the betterment of your team and tenants.  

As you reflect on your property management career, here are three best practices to implement on the job:  

Setting and tracking key goals  

Failing to set and track goals can derail property managers from achieving key business objectives. No matter how well your property may be doing, it’s imperative to set goals related to occupancy, profitability, staff performance and customer service, among many other factors. These goals should be specific, realistic and time-based so you can easily monitor your progress and keep track of how well your property is functioningConsistently setting goals allows you and your team to identify areas of your property that need the most attention so that no function of your business suffers.  

Delivering exceptional customer service  

Successfully managing any property goes hand in hand with delivering exceptional customer service. Because property managers must consistently attract new tenants (and retain existing ones), close attention to responsive customer service is critical for many aspects of the job. Providing top customer service includes promptly addressing tenants’ concerns (i.e., a leaky roof); responding to new tenant inquiries and ensuring proper maintenance of the property always. A good property manager is always committed to providing the best experience to tenants by engaging in open two-way communication, taking emergency action as needed and hiring the most reputable contractors to resolve property issues.    

Embracing technology  

To stay competitive in the property management field, it’s essential that property managers fully embrace technology for themselves and their teams. Implementing the most advanced tech platforms in your office can have a positive impact on many functions of your operations, including customer relationship management, digital marketing, community outreach and billing. Taking advantage of the latest technology can improve how you communicate with your stakeholders and make even the smallest administrative procedures more efficient.  


Putting these best practices into action can dramatically shape how you manage your property and most importantly, your staff. Over time, you’ll witness major changes among your entire team – from how they perform office tasks to how well they communicate with tenants.  

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