What to Look for in a Maintenance Technician

What to Look for in a Maintenance Technician

Are you a property manager hoping to grow your maintenance team? Unfortunately, finding top-of-the-line maintenance technicians in today’s candidate pool is no easy feat. With many workers being either underqualified or unreliable, employers must be especially cognizant of what makes a strong maintenance technician candidate.

As you filter through applicants, here are some of the most important areas to evaluate:

Attention to detail

In addition to practical skills and abilities, the best maintenance technicians are those who proactively identify potential property issues and take initiative to resolve them – before things get out of hand! Finding candidates that demonstrate attention to detail in handling property concerns is key to ensuring your property undergoes regular preventative checks and routine inspections. Ultimately, your main goal should be to hire technicians who are proactive in taking corrective measures and can spot problems quickly, as this will ensure your property remains safe and runs smoothly.

Prior experience in property management maintenance  

When it comes to a highly qualified technician, you want candidates that aren’t just skilled in maintenance, but have prior experience working on properties. Technicians who have worked on housing complexes will have firsthand knowledge of what’s involved in every aspect of property maintenance, including plumbing, groundskeeping, carpentry, painting, janitorial and electrical skills. Technicians with multifaceted expertise will be best equipped to handle the many moving parts of your property, allowing you to feel confident your facility is being maintained with the highest degree of care.

Customer service

What many people forget is maintenance technicians aren’t just working behind the scenes. They are constantly interacting with tenants, administrative staff and management teams regarding property maintenance issues. The most effective maintenance technicians are those who know how to effectively communicate in a professional and approachable manner. As you interview candidates, make sure to evaluate interpersonal skills, such as eye contact and nonverbal communication, as these traits are crucial to a top-notch technician!

Investing in hiring the most qualified maintenance technicians can have instrumental effects on the way your property is managed – and the satisfaction of your tenants. As you grow your team, keeping the factors above in mind will help you identify candidates with the right background, skills and experience for the job.

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