Networking Tips to Help You Land a Property Management Job

Networking Tips to Help You Land a Property Management Job

Have you been applying to job after job in the property management field, only to hear nothing back? In today’s job market, candidates must go beyond online applications and extend themselves in various networking capacities. While it’s not easy at first, learning how to network in a meaningful way will be instrumental to your job search – and ultimately, your career.

If you’re new to the networking game, here are three key tips to get you started:

Leverage social networking channels.  

Chances are you’re already active on social media – but are you using these channels to network for a job effectively? There’s great value in leveraging your presence on social media – especially on LinkedIn – to discover new employment opportunities, growing your network, and positioning yourself as a top candidate. You can maximize your online presence by investing in a professional headshot and making sure your online profiles reflect your professional qualifications. From there, you can strategically make new connections at property management companies that appeal most to you.

Connect with others in the industry. 

Relationships in any industry matter, but this is especially true in the property management field. Getting acquainted with property management professionals in your community can help you tremendously in gaining exposure to new employment opportunities, and most importantly, developing relationships with people who will hire you directly. You can expand your network in this way by reaching out to various property managers in your area and respectfully asking if they’d be willing to meet with you at their convenience briefly. This is essentially the process of setting up “informational interviews,” in which you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential employers and expand your network of employment options.

Attend professional events. 

A major part of being active on the networking circuit involves attending professional events in your area. Most cities typically have a wide range of networking opportunities, from after-hours cocktail events to industry-specific workshops and seminars. Making a habit of attending at least one or two networking events each month is important for making connections with professionals who may educate you about developments and facilities in need of property managers.

Effective networking takes a sustained effort to strategically build your online presence, meet other professionals, and gain traction in your industry. Over time, you’ll experience firsthand the incredible benefits of networking not only in landing a job, but advancing your career!

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