Our Advice: Don’t Rely On Perks To Improve Culture

Our Advice: Don’t Rely On Perks To Improve Culture

Are you looking for a quick fix to improve your workplace culture? If you’re under the impression that offering more perks (such as “unlimited” vacation or free lunches) will solve all your cultural issues, you’re sadly mistaken. While additional perks may be appealing to some of your staff, they’re not likely to take the place of building – and sustaining – a culture that embodies a strong sense of morale. The good news is that culture can often be altered by making a few major adjustments to your leadership approach.

Here are some steps to keep in mind as you build a culture that’s aligned with your mission, values and company goals:

Understand the role of employee engagement.

A strong, vibrant culture is one in which employees are regularly engaged, inspired and included in the decision-making process. True employee engagement does not stem from simply offering more benefits, but including your people in many aspects of your work environment – from monthly meetings and calls to regular performance check-ins. Employee engagement is also predicated on teambuilding initiatives, flexibility to take on new responsibilities, and ongoing training and coaching programs.

Make culture an ongoing priority.

Building a top-notch culture is an ongoing process that requires consistent oversight by your leadership team. This involves regularly gathering employee feedback about your culture and making meaningful changes to areas of your workplace that need improvement. Because many elements reflect upon culture, taking a holistic approach when assessing your work environment will be most impactful when evaluating your cultural practices and assessing employee retention outcomes.

Provide a path for promotion. 

Your employees want to know their employer is truly invested in their success. One of the most telltale aspects of a winning company culture is a dedication to professional investment in staff. By providing pathways for your employees to improve their skills and gain new qualifications, you’ll directly how them how much you care about their personal development. Ultimately, employees who feel empowered to reach their greatest potential will most be instrumental in contributing to a culture of success.

As you can see, the quality of your company’s culture goes far beyond perks. By digging deeper into your organizational practices, you can gradually change the face of your culture and foster a workplace that consistently prioritizes and elevates its people.

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