Relaunching Your Maintenance Career: Making the Crossover from Hospitality to Multifamily

Relaunching Your Maintenance Career: Making the Crossover from Hospitality to Multifamily

Are you a maintenance technician with experience in hospitality? If you’re looking to pivot and relaunch your career, there are many advantages to making the switch to multi-family. You may be surprised that you have many transferable skills from the hospitality field that can be applied to a maintenance role in the multi-family industry. Leveraging transferable skills can help you transition into a maintenance position in the multi-family industry with minimal training or supervision, giving you an edge over other candidates and positioning you for long-term success.

Why make the switch from hospitality to the multi-family industry? Consider these advantages:

Job Security

Because it’s an essential industry, multi-family is a field that has proven to be recession-proof over the years. If you’re tired of the unpredictability of the job market, you may find more stable job opportunities here. If you have a variety of skills and a strong work ethic, you can build a good career. What skills do you need to bring? With any maintenance role, you’ll be expected to perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis. From addressing property complaints to scheduling repairs on a daily basis, there’s almost always something new requiring your oversight on the job. Just as you would in the hospitality field, your ability to effectively focus on a multitude of responsibilities at any given time will suit you well when working on a property complex. Being able to quickly divert your attention to unprecedented situations while still prioritizing your day-to-day responsibilities will be an essential transferable skill for this type of career shift. If a job where every day is different and you are seldom bored sounds intriguing to you, then the  multifamily industry may be a great fit.

Transferable Skills

In a maintenance technician role, as in hospitality, you learn to be attentive and professional to those who depend on you. Multi-family requires a blend of maintenance and repair expertise with strong customer service skills. Residents may seem demanding, but it’s stressful when there are problems in your home. If you can empathize with their concerns, they are more likely to trust you and let you do your job. Dealing with complaints on a regular basis can often feel draining, but being aware of your emotions and handling resident’s issues with respect and politeness will always be crucial in effectively communicating on the job. Balance these abilities well and you will be in demand wherever you go, whether you want to advance through the ranks of a large complex or hope to more to a new city

Job Flexibility

Flexibility is a two-way street. Of course, you know the importance of flexibility in the hospitality field, but it’s just as critical in a maintenance technician role. You’ll need to be flexible and open about learning new skills to excel in your new role. The ability to roll with the punches will serve you well in dealing with the unexpected changes and crises that can occur when managing any property. Whether it’s putting out a fire or dealing with a false alarm, being prepared to handle any circumstance that comes your way with a sense of ease and assertiveness will be integral to your success. In return, you gain flexibility in terms of hours. If you have outside obligations you need to work around, you can choose the shift that works best for you, and best of all – you don’t have to be on call.

Ready to relaunch your career?

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