How to Keep Politics Out of the Workplace

How to Keep Politics Out of the Workplace

As a team leader at your organization, have you recently come across political disagreements in the workplace? Before things get too heated or out of hand among employees, it’s critical to minimize the effects of political conversations within your work environment. It is important to manage these situations to prevent a negative atmosphere affecting employee morale or the quality of your organization’s culture. Some key tips to assist your leadership team in this effort may include: 

Establish and communicate a policy.

Without an established policy regarding political conversations and exchanges in the workplace, employees may not know how to conduct themselves. Your leadership team setting a policy is the first step to creating fair protocols that help employees understand what they can and cannot discuss in the workplace, as well as the importance of adhering to this type of policy. Examples of protocols to include may include rules regarding political attire; discussing political opinions, or hanging political signs.

Set social media guidelines.

Your policy should also integrate social media guidelines.  As many people freely express themselves over social media channels, setting boundaries regarding what employees can discuss politically online is key to managing this type of dialogue in the workplace. While you can’t tell employees what they can or cannot post, you can prohibit the expression of political opinions on public social media accounts.

Lead by example.

When it comes to politics, no one at your organization should be exempt from following the policy you’ve set forward. Your leadership team can be most effective in enforcing the policy by simply following it themselves and setting the proper example for all employees. By holding leadership accountable to exemplifying proper behavior, your employees will witness firsthand the importance of refraining from political dialogue.

Being proactive with keeping politics out of the workplace will ultimately benefit your organization’s culture, morale, and employee retention. By implementing these practices, you can maintain the most professional workplace environment for all your employees, even in the midst of a contentious election year.

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