Leveraging Social Media to Attract Potential Residents

Leveraging Social Media to Attract Potential Residents

Have you been struggling to attract new tenants to your property complex? As more people are primarily turning to the Internet to find their next apartment, leveraging social media to identify and market to prospective residents can be very effective. With most individuals in today’s world active on at least one mainstream social media channel, there are many new opportunities to reach your specific audience in an authentic and meaningful way. Here are some strategy tips for how you can get started finding prospective residents on social media:  

Consider paid and organic options. 

As social media marketing continues to evolve, there are different ways of promoting your property. Depending on your marketing goals, you may consider investing in paid social media advertising to target a specific audience of a certain demographic region or income level. However, if you’re simply hoping to engage the public at large, organic social media posting is generally useful in sharing news and updates about your property, as well as driving traffic to your website.  

Invest in appealing visuals. 

Because social media is largely driven by visuals, it’s important to invest in high-quality images that showcase your property in the most appealing way possible. Hiring a photographer to take photos of your complex’s living spaces is the first step to obtaining top-notch content to share on your company’s social media pages. By promoting a variety of photos on sites like Instagram or Facebook, you’ll allow visitors of your social media pages instant access to what your property has to offer in terms of appearance, accommodations, and amenities.   

Capture contact information. 

As you increase traction on your social media pages, there are ways in which you can obtain key information about prospective residents who engage with your company on social media. For example, you may share a link that gives visitors the option to sign up for your monthly e-newsletter. Or, you may choose to run a social media contest that requires participants to provide their email address or phone number. Implementing these types of initiatives will allow you to capture the contact information of potential residents, so you can add them to your marketing pipeline and reach out to them with more information.   

While it may take some time to get off the ground, making social media a core part of your marketing plan can pay off significantly in the long run. Investing time, money and energy into your company’s social media presence will ultimately raise awareness about your complex and serve as a valuable resource of information for what your property has to offer residents. 

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