Self-Guided Tours – The Future of Leasing

Self-Guided Tours – The Future of Leasing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way in which the world operates, many prospective tenants increasingly want the ability to view a residence without having to interact with a leasing agent. In response to this movement, many property management companies have begun to gauge interest in these types of tours and test out their overall efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to preventing the spread of disease, there are many benefits of introducing self-guided tours that you may not have yet considered. Here are some of the main reasons why self-guided tours have grown in popularity over the past few years:   

Ease and convenience. 

For large-scale, single-family property management companies that are managing hundreds of homes over a broad geographic territory, offering self-guided tours has become an essential convenience. As these companies aim to reduce costs and cut back on staff, a self-guided model offers prospective families a quick and accessible option for viewing properties without having to schedule formalized tours. In many cases, families welcome the flexibility to book self-guided tours online and explore properties at their leisure. On the same token, managers generally prefer the freedom of not having to constantly have staff members on-call to show properties.  

Virtual access. 

As technology becomes more advanced, virtual access has allowed many companies to offer virtual tours as a way of showcasing properties. Individuals can easily click on a link on a company’s website to partake in a virtual tour that allows them to see every aspect of the property right from the comforts of their own home. Additionally, technology is increasingly playing a role in the scheduling of in-person self-guided tours. The latest tech systems allow prospects to schedule their self-guided visits online and receive a temporary access code that allows them to “unlock” the door of an apartment for viewing within a designated timeframe.  

A better experience. 

With self-guided tours, prospective families can view properties without having leasing agents hovering over them throughout the process. When families can feel comfortable to look around and take in their surroundings by themselves, they’ll have a much more relaxing experience looking at the property’s features and attractions. Furthermore, they’ll have the privacy to discuss their family’s finances, as well as any other personal matters as it pertains to the living space.  

Across the country, many property managers have achieved great success offering self-guided tours to prospective tenants. If your company has been contemplating offering self-guided tours, hopefully the benefits above have helped you realize the many benefits that come along with this option! 

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