Solutions For Package Delivery During a Pandemic

Solutions For Package Delivery During a Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, has your property management company been bombarded with tenant package deliveries? As the number of deliveries have skyrocketed exponentially in recent months, property managers have had to explore new ways of effectively managing how packages are handled on site. If you’re in need of a new package delivery solution at your property complex, here are some options to consider:  

Exterior package lockers. 

One of the most basic options for better controlling package deliveries is to implement exterior package lockers, which serve as storage units available to residents on a 24/7 basis. This option presents safe storage while giving residents around-the-clock access to their deliveries. Equipping your complex with one central area of package lockers will save you the hassle of having to manage a constant influx of deliveries without a proper space for tenants to pick them up.  

Smart package rooms. 

With an astronomical number of packages being shipped, “smart package rooms” give property managers the space needed to accommodate hundreds of deliveries received on any given day. For large companies that have the space for this set-up, smart package rooms allow a designated space for packages to be safely stored under video surveillance. In most cases, there is restricted access in which tenants only are given access to the room with their key fobs. The only downfall to this option is that it’s not very conducive to social distancing. To combat this issue during the pandemic, managers can consider limiting room access to one visitor at a time. 

Outsourced package delivery services. 

Rather than handle packages in-house, many companies have recently opted to partner with third-party companies who receive packages off site and coordinate with tenants directly on scheduling drop-offs. This option has eliminated the need for in-person handling of shipments, taking a more streamlined approach to package delivery in the midst of the pandemic. While these third-party service providers come with a cost, many property managers have agreed that the convenience and ease of the service make it worth the price.  

By evaluating your current package delivery situation, you can implement the best system for handling your tenants’ packages throughout the pandemic. The sooner you establish a process that works, the happier both your staff and tenants will be! 

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