How to Reach and Exceed Your Career Goals in 2021

How to Reach and Exceed Your Career Goals in 2021

Most people have professional goals, but few ever reach them. In most cases, this is due to a failure to plan in a meaningful and strategic way. While it may feel overwhelming at first, taking some time to prepare for 2021 over the holidays can set you up for a successful new year. Here’s a quick blueprint for getting started: 

Define your vision. 

It’s easy to say you want a more advanced position or higher salary, but it’s much more important to define exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. For instance, do you want a job that allows you to make a greater impact in a certain area of your organization? Are you looking for a raise, or is a flexible schedule really what you want? Are you hoping for more autonomy in your current job or would you actually prefer a different job somewhere else? Thinking specifically about what you want out of your career is critical for setting attainable goals and establishing a realistic plan for achieving them. 

Write down one or two actionable steps.  

Despite common belief, making a long to-do list unfortunately isn’t the answer to reaching goals in the most productive way. Rather than compiling a bunch of things you think you should be doing, write down one or two specific actionable steps (even if they’re small) that you can take to get closer to reaching your goals. For example, if one of your goals is to get a 10 percent salary raise, you may decide to discuss this goal with your manager at the start of the new year. Or, if a goal of yours is to land a job at a different company, updating your resume over the holiday season is an actionable step to get your job search underway. The key to this process to be as specific as possible and not to establish too many action steps, as this will end up becoming too burdensome.  

Hold yourself accountable. 

Not having a plan to hold yourself accountable is a surefire way to neglect any goal-setting efforts. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to enlist the help of an “accountability partner” who will check in with you periodically and keep you motivated. Your accountability partner may be a mentor, coworker, or friend who is aware of your goals and encourages you to keep the commitment you’ve made to yourself. If you’re struggling on defining clear goals, you may even consider hiring a life coach to help you gain clarity with this process and set forth a clear plan to overcome any challenges or obstacles along the way.  

If setting and reaching goals was easy, everyone would do it. That’s why achieving long-term goals can be so rewarding, having a major impact on both your personal and professional life.  

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