Highlighting Bilingual Skills on Your Resume

Highlighting Bilingual Skills on Your Resume

Are you seeking a position in the multifamily industry, but struggling to set yourself apart from the competition? If you’re bilingual in any capacity, it’s in your best interest to highlight your fluency and abilities on your resume. As one of the most unique skill sets in the workforce, bilingualism can add great value to your profile as a candidate and is a major point of distinction from others also seeking jobs in the same industry. Here’s a simple two-step process for highlighting bilingual skills on your resume:

Detail your bilingual skills in several resume sections.

Rather than list your bilingual skills just once, it’s most effective to incorporate them within your resume’s various sections, like your skills, experience, and employment sections. Providing specific descriptions throughout your resume as to how you’ve demonstrated bilingual skills in past work environments will bring to light the depth of your abilities, and show how you’ve applied these skills in a variety of settings. In essence, detailing bilingual skills in various parts of your resume will tell employers your expertise in this area and set you apart from the competition.

Connect your bilingual skills to the multifamily industry.

As you update your resume, it’s important to showcase how your bilingual skills are relevant to the multifamily industry. For instance, you may include descriptions in the “skills” or “summary” sections stating how your bilingual skills allow you to deliver top-of-the-line customer service, communicate with a wider audience, and effectively recruit a broader pool of prospective tenants. Additionally, you may indicate how being bilingual has helped you to successfully manage a diverse team of workers, making you a strong communicator and leader.

Making bilingualism a major focus of your resume can greatly elevate your marketability as a candidate in the multifamily industry, ultimately giving you an edge in the candidate pool and making it easier to secure future employment. Taking the time to promote your bilingual skills within your application materials is sure to play a role in landing more interviews and expanding your horizons on the job market. 

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