Are You Qualified? Skills for a Career in Multifamily Maintenance

Are You Qualified? Skills for a Career in Multifamily Maintenance

Have you considered applying for positions in property management, but are unsure of what types of jobs are best suited for you in the industry? If you’re handy and have a knack for repair work, a job as a maintenance property technician may be a great fit. In many cases, skills acquired from other types of maintenance jobs are easily transferable and some technical skills can often be learned on the job. With demand for maintenance techs on the rise, there’s no better time to make this transition. As you explore employment options, below are some of the main skills you’ll need for a career in multifamily maintenance:

Appliance repair, electrical and plumbing expertise.

Apartment units undergo many issues on a regular basis and maintenance techs must be prepared to handle a variety of repair work. Electrical and plumbing experience, along with extensive knowledge in appliance repairs, replacements and installations (for appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and air conditioners) is necessary to perform the tasks required for apartments to continue running efficiently. Remember, a building’s needs change quickly – you may go from handling a leaky toilet or faucet to installing power switches within just a couple hours on the job.

Cleaning and groundskeeping.

While being the least technical of the job requirements, a willingness to conduct thorough housekeeping of a property is essential. Keeping the entire complex tidy and allows property management companies to attract prospective residentss and ensures that existing residents can enjoy a sanitary and comfortable environment at all times. Additionally, outdoor maintenance like groundskeeping and snow removal is also important for keeping a property in the best condition as the seasons change.

Customer service.

One of the most underrated skills required of a maintenance technician is customer service. Customer service is what truly sets apart the best maintenance techs from the average ones. Employers are increasingly seeking technicians who exemplify courteous communication with residents while fulfilling requests and corresponding with contracted vendors. Demonstrating positive verbal and non-verbal body language, as well as prompt communication with residents and staff is integral to enhancing the “resident experience”.  It is imperative to make sure maintenance concerns are addressed in the most professional way.

Depending on the maintenance needs of a property, required skills may vary form employer to  employer. However, bringing these core set of skills to the table will make you most competitive in the candidate pool and qualified for more opportunities.

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