Handwritten Notes Still Matter and Will Help You Stand Out

Handwritten Notes Still Matter and Will Help You Stand Out

Are you on the hunt for a new job? In today’s tech-driven world, it’s easy to forget that handwritten notes still matter – especially when you’re trying to land a job. While there are many ways to stand out in the talent pool, few are as impactful as taking the time to write a handwritten note to an employer. Here are two instances in which sending a handwritten note can make a big difference in helping you obtain a new position:

Reaching out to an employer of interest.

If an employer appeals to you, writing a note to the hiring manager or someone you may have met at the company can be a powerful way to introduce yourself and express interest. Though you may be tempted to send an email or message over social media, a note mailed directly to the company can be an extremely effective way to demonstrate your interest as a candidate for current or future job openings. For example, suppose you recently attended a job fair or event involving the company. In that case, you can follow up with a note that provides context about your experience learning about the organization and request an informational interview.

Thank a hiring manager after an interview.

How you thank an interviewer can often be just as important as the interview itself! Sending a handwritten thank-you note within one to two days after an interview shows that you value the interviewer’s time and take the interview process seriously. Unlike an email, a handwritten note personalizes your message and is a tangible “thank you” that will likely land on the hiring manager’s desk and keep you top of mind. It also offers an opportunity to provide your contact information again and highlight why your qualifications and credentials make you a fit for the position.

Like anything in life, your job search success will depend on your level of effort and commitment. Incorporating handwritten notes into your outreach and follow-up strategy will enhance how employers perceive you and likely improve your job search outcomes.  

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