Spotting the Signs of Human Trafficking

Spotting the Signs of Human Trafficking

As a professional in the property management or multifamily industry, you’ve probably never considered the possibility of encountering human trafficking at your property. However, human trafficking is more common than you may think, affecting up to 2 million people worldwide per year, according to Safe Horizon. The most prevalent forms of human trafficking involve labor trafficking, and any illegal activity taking place at a property complex may indicate that human trafficking is occurring at some level. If you work in the real estate field in any capacity, it’s critical to be educated on the signs of human trafficking so you can play a role in stopping it within your community.

It’s important to remember that human trafficking can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age. As you increase your awareness, here are some of the most common signs human trafficking may be occurring at your property:

  • Too many people living in one apartment unit
  • Locks on doors and windows to keep people in, rather than out
  • An abnormal amount of traffic seen coming to and from an apartment unit
  • Individuals who do not have access to their personal documents and are not allowed to drive themselves anywhere  
  • Individuals who are picked up at the same time each day in large vehicles and return at the same time each night
  • Individuals who appear abused or malnourished 

Being aware of the signs is the first step to identifying human trafficking and helping victims become free of these harmful situations. In addition to the red flags above, if you spot anything that appears unusual at your property., it’s best to speak up and have the situation investigated by law enforcement. If you suspect any signs of human trafficking at your property, you can report your concerns anonymously to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

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