Developing a Personal Brand Can Help You Find a Job

Developing a Personal Brand Can Help You Find a Job

Does it seem like you’re doing everything to find a new job, only to get ignored or rejected by employers? Many candidates don’t realize that developing a personal brand is often the missing piece to their job search puzzle. Personal brands allow candidates to differentiate from the competition while forging their own unique path in their specific trade or industry. Following these tips can be instrumental in developing a personal brand that resonates with employers:   

Build your online presence. In many ways, your personal brand is heavily based on your online presence. Developing a personal website or blog is one of the most powerful ways to promote your talents and generate interest by employers in you as a candidate on both a professional and personal level. No matter your background or industry, you can use a website, blog, or any online channel to post your resume, convey your career goals, and display professional images of yourself. Remember, perception is reality in today’s job landscape, so make your online image count!  

Find opportunities to promote yourself organically. To create an authentic personal brand, you need to seek opportunities to strategically promote your skills, abilities, interests, and areas of expertise. Social media channels certainly provide one of the most accessible ways of promoting your talents; however, there are many other avenues to showcase your brand. Speaking at an industry event or conference, getting involved in the community (such as joining a board), and authoring a guest view or blog are effective ways to promote yourself to employers and other professionals.   

Communicate some personal elements. Creating a personal brand should involve communicating some personal aspects of yourself. While this may seem counterintuitive to promoting your professional accomplishments, shedding light on your personal life – such as your hobbies, interests, or goals – can prove to be a significant asset for your job search. Employers seek more than just workers; they are looking for individuals with personalities and interests that align with their culture, values, and mission. Therefore, sharing some aspects of your personal life can help to distinguish you from other candidates and highlight how you can positively contribute to the workplace.  

Building a strong personal brand is one of the most important steps you can take to get a job and grow a prosperous career. Over time, leveraging your personal brand will open doors to a multitude of exciting job opportunities! 

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