Three Simple Tips for Organizing Your Job Search

Three Simple Tips for Organizing Your Job Search

Has the job search left you feeling burned out or overwhelmed? It’s not uncommon for job seekers to experience high degrees of anxiety and stress when applying for jobs and researching new employment opportunities. However, these feelings of angst can be alleviated using some simple organizational tools. Here are some tips for getting your job search effectively organized: 

Set up job alerts. Setting up job alerts through a couple of trusted job board sites will allow you to stay on top of prime employment opportunities that have already been vetted. You can regularly apply to jobs that align with your qualifications without feeling overwhelmed by searching through endless job posts online by receiving daily or weekly alerts to your email.   

Create a job application spreadsheet. Organizing your job applications on one central spreadsheet will assist in keeping track of deadlines, as well as documenting important information, such as required application materials, reference requests, and interview dates. As long as it’s regularly updated as you identify job openings and complete applications, maintaining a spreadsheet can be a true lifesaver during the job search process.  

Use Google Drive. Google Drive and other file storage services are effective platforms for keeping application materials, such as resumes and cover letters, safely secure and readily available for editing purposes. As you adjust the content of these materials for various jobs, it will be easy to access your files and apply to jobs more efficiently.    

Organization is often the key to success, especially as it pertains to your career. You can set yourself up for improved job search outcomes with the practices above while reducing your stress.  

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