Avoid Doing These Three Things When Starting a New Job

Avoid Doing These Three Things When Starting a New Job

Starting a new job soon? No matter how confident you may feel going into a new position, it’s normal to feel a little nervous or apprehensive during your first few days on the job. The combination of acclimating to your new environment and getting to know your coworkers can naturally present some challenges. In many ways, understanding what not to do when starting a job will serve you well throughout your career. Here are three things to avoid when starting a new job:

Don’t make assumptions. 

While you may have some preconceived beliefs or notions regarding your new employer, it’s best to leave your assumptions at the door when beginning your role. Remember, the company will have its own set of practices and protocols for you to learn. Going into the job with an open mind about how your employer approaches its operations, management, and cultural practices will help you better adapt as you integrate yourself within the organization.

Don’t dismiss coworkers’ offers to help. 

While it’s not always easy to appear vulnerable as a new employee, accepting coworkers’ advice or offers to help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it shows your employer that you’re willing to learn and work well with others on reaching shared goals. Rather than dismiss a coworker’s offer to assist you, instead accept their help and thank them for their time. This also allows you to build rapport among your teammates which can have a direct impact on your performance.

Don’t engage in workplace gossip. 

Avoiding “watercooler gossip” is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your career, especially as you begin a new job! While it may be tempting to engage in coworker drama or complain from time to time, it’s in your best interest to stay neutral and keep your opinions to yourself. Becoming entrenched in workplace gossip can ultimately damage your professional reputation, causing you to lose focus at work and land you in hot water with your boss or coworkers.

Keeping the above don’ts in mind as you begin any new job will help you get things off on the right foot while making a rock star impression in front of your employer. Most importantly, you’ll ease into your role with less stress and anxiety!

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