The Top Skills Employers Look for in Candidates

The Top Skills Employers Look for in Candidates

Are you trying to stand out among the competition for a new job? If you’re currently navigating the job market, it’s important to be aware of some of the top skills employers are seeking in candidates so you can develop these skills and showcase them during the hiring process. No matter your job or industry, a strong set of soft skills will always be essential to success in your professional endeavors. Here are some of the top skills employers are looking for in candidates:


Strong communication continues to be a paramount skill being sought in candidates across all industries. Candidates who can effectively communicate – both verbally and in writing – are best positioned to perform their jobs with the most professionalism and productivity. Furthermore, communication skills are essential for teamwork and conflict resolution in the workplace.


Employers today are not just seeking qualified candidates with basic skills; they’re looking for employees who possess the drive to go the extra mile and take initiative. Whether it’s offering to help with additional projects or contributing your time or talents beyond the scope of your job description, showing initiative demonstrates to employers that you’re a team player and care about playing a role within the company’s mission at large.

Emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence, the ability to understand your emotions and the emotions of others around you, has become a critical skill for candidates in all industry sectors. Workers who exhibit emotional intelligence tend to function at a higher level, collaborating with others to accomplish shared goals and resolve issues. One of the hallmark components of emotional intelligence is empathy, or the ability to understand another person’s perspective, which directly connected to positive culture-building in the workplace.

Making it a priority to develop the skills above – and promote them in your job applications and interviews – will help you prove to employers that you have what it takes to thrive not only in a new job, but in the workplace at large.

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