The Great Resignation and What It Means For Your Business in 2022

The Great Resignation and What It Means For Your Business in 2022

Over the past couple years, your company may have experienced more staffing changes than ever before. With unprecedented numbers of employees electing to leave the workforce, companies across the U.S. have been forced to reevaluate organizational practices and implement new strategies for attracting and retaining top talent. As the movement that’s become known as the “great resignation” continues in 2022, here are some steps your business can take to navigate this new landscape:

Embrace flexibility and establish new employee perks. 

It’s safe to say the desire among employees to work remotely is here to stay. Employers that establish remote work or flexibility options will be most successful at adapting to work-from-home models, ultimately improving staff retention and morale within the organization. Additionally, as top talent becomes harder to come by, focusing on employee perks and benefits is often instrumental. Offering employee referral bonuses, merit increases, and other types of incentive programs can be critical for any successful employee retention program.

Offer and promote career advancement opportunities. 

Offering and promoting career advancement is essential for engaging your employees and giving them the tools and knowledge to thrive within your business. In many cases, your employees may not even be aware of initiatives or opportunities that can help them develop professionally and achieve more in their roles. Career advancement options may include anything from onsite training and development to formalized mentorship programs. Actively communicating these options will show your employees a commitment to their long-term success.  

Showcase your employer brand. 

As you seek more talent for your team, a focus on employer branding is key. Showcasing a strong brand for your company that embodies values of teamwork, empathy, inclusiveness, and collaboration will generate traction from candidates whose personalities and career goals align with your organization. This will be powerful for building a team that can thrive within your workplace culture and perform at an optimal level.  

With the right steps, you can ensure your company’s workforce remains intact – even in the midst of the great resignation. Implementing the practices above can help to reverse the negative effects of high turnover, and ultimately improve your company’s hiring outcomes and workplace culture.

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