These Are Still Excellent Ways to Attract Better Employees

These Are Still Excellent Ways to Attract Better Employees

Has your organization struggled over the past couple years to find and retain top quality workers? The combination of the pandemic and rise of remote work has resulted in a labor shortage that’s impacted many companies’ talent development efforts. Now, as 2022 is in full swing, companies are forced to go to greater lengths to attract better employees who can fulfill their workforce needs.

As your organization refines its hiring strategies, here are some tried and true practices that continue to attract better employees:

Focusing on workplace culture. 

Letting a focus on workplace culture go to the wayside is one of the worst offenders when it comes to staffing issues. Addressing cultural problems – such as toxic communication or employee burnout – is key to preventing major turnover and keeping job satisfaction high with your existing staff. Furthermore, a positive workplace culture will inherently attract candidates to your job openings and create a stronger pipeline of talent as your workforce demands become greater.

Creating an employee-focused culture. 

A workplace culture that promotes a sense of collaboration, fairness, and camaraderie tends to engage all employees and recognize them for their contributions and talents. Furthermore, an employee-focused culture is one that values work-life balance by establishing policies like remote work models or flexible schedules. Gathering employees’ feedback about what they want from their jobs – and considering their thoughts and opinions in the decision-making process – will allow your leadership team to formulate better policies that align with what employees need to thrive at your organization.

Providing on-the-job training. 

Companies that offer on-the-job training and development programs continue to have an edge in recruiting motivated and driven employees. Integrating a training framework within employees’ jobs will not only give them the knowledge and skills to thrive, but the launchpad to continually grow within your company. Most candidates will appreciate learning about pathways to advancement through specialized training opportunities in which they can acquire new skills and increase their earning potential.

Implementing at least one or more of the practices above can improve your company’s hiring and retention outcomes, setting the stage for a more productive and prosperous workforce.

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