Three Ways to Stand Out as a Top Candidate

Three Ways to Stand Out as a Top Candidate

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed with job applications? While applying to jobs may feel like a robotic process, there are some simple yet powerful steps you can take to impress employers and stand out as a top candidate. As you refine your job search and application materials, here are some tips to keep in mind:

On the Job Search? Three Ways to Stand Out as a Top Candidate

Connect your passion with the company’s mission. 

One of the most compelling ways to make yourself a memorable candidate is to strategically connect your passions and interests as a professional to certain elements of the employer. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be! By researching what the company is about – such as its mission, values, and workplace culture – you can connect facets of the organization to your career goals and interests. For example, does a company that gives back to its local community appeal to you? If so, you may research an employer’s corporate responsibility initiatives and share your interest in this during an interview. Educating yourself about the organization will allow you to identify why it would be an ideal employer for you both personally and professionally.

Customize your resume and application materials.

One of the biggest blunders made by candidates is failure to customize their resume and application materials. When it comes to impressing employers, a “one size fits all” approach almost never works. Taking time to thoughtfully revise your resume, cover letters, and list of references for each position will ensure you’re highlighting your specific skills and credentials that align most with the job at hand. This is essential, as many companies utilize applicant tracking systems that automatically flag keywords in resumes and cover letters.

Showcase your soft skills. 

A strong set of soft skills never goes out of style – especially as many candidates today lack basic interpersonal abilities! Demonstrating to employers an ability to effectively communicate, collaborate with others, and engage in active listening can go a long way in showing a high level of professionalism. Soft skills are reflected in many ways, including your interview performance and past employment. Some examples of common soft skills may include customer service, problem-solving, creativity, and time management. If you have any sort of work history, you’ve likely acquired many transferable soft skills which make you a more marketable candidate.  

Sometimes it’s the most seemingly obvious steps that can be the most impactful in helping you stand out as a candidate among hundreds or even thousands of other applicants!

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