Change Management Tips for Your Organization

Change Management Tips for Your Organization

Is change management a priority for your organization this year? There are many factors at play when it comes to effectively introducing change and creating an environment that breeds productivity, collaboration and momentum from within.

As your leadership team develops a change management plan, here are some important practices that will allow your team to continually plan and adapt for what’s to come:

Establish a detailed process. 

No organization undergoes enormous change in a blink of an eye, and it’s important to understand that change management is a process that requires a sustained effort by every member of your leadership team. Establishing a process that addresses key goals and objectives, as well as track progress, will create a launchpad for long-term success. The best processes include detailed phases that identify what needs to be changed, how change will specifically be accomplished, and how outcomes will be measured.

Don’t ignore your people. 

If your focus is solely on process rather than people, you’re missing the whole point of change management. Though elements like restructuring of physical logistics or integration of new technology certainly have a role in change management, it’s ultimately how you manage your people that will make or break how effectively change occurs over time. At the end of the day, it’s your people that will execute your process. Neglecting to fully train and empower your employees to play a role in change management will likely defeat your efforts. 

Embed change within your culture.

 Maintaining a positive corporate culture – even in the midst of major change – is essential for successfully navigating any form of change management. Additionally, proactively embedding new changes into cultural practices will ensure every member of your organization is on the same page in terms of policies, protocols and expectations. The bottom line? Change management should be directly reflected by your workplace culture.

By incorporating the practices above in your change management process, you’ll create a foundation for a thriving, adaptable work environment  

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